Weapons and Armor


A few additions to help PCs and NPCs alike little more protected. Each of the items below can be worn alone or be added to armor, as they are detailed below.

Forester’s Duster: A new addition to armor list is the Forester’s Duster. This leather coat protects its wearer from the elements and from some harmful things that occur on the trail other then a cold night. The Forester’s Duster is a light armor accessory that can be worn with any kinda of armor but increases the armor the category by one step except for padded armor. The Forester’s Duster is a much lighter version of the Armored Coat.
Cost: 20 GP

Padded Tabard: A tabard is a sleeveless jacket consisting only of the front and back pieces with a hole for the head. The heraldry symbol of the wearer or the lord of the wearer is emblazoned on the tabard. A Padded Tabard adds additional protection for the wearer and is a light armor accessory that can be worn with any kind of armor but increases the armor the category by one step. The Padded Tabard can also be worn as piece of Light Armor by itself.
Cost: 20 GP

Chest Plate: Consisting of only the chest protection from plate armor this provides extra protection for any light or medium armor. It an also be worn on it’s own as Light Armor. When added to Light or Medium armor the total armor category goes up by one. The Chest Plate maybe quickly removed, in 4 rounds, to allow a user to remove it in haste when mobility is needed.
Cost: 50 gp

Name Cost Type Armor Bonus Max Dex Armor Check Spell Failure Weight
Forester’s Duster 20 gp Accessory/Light +1 6 0 0% 10 lbs
Padded Tabard 20 gp Accessory/Light +1 6 0 0 % 10 lbs
Chest Plate 50 gp Accessory/Light +2 4 5 15 15 lbs


Iridal Double Sided Dagger: This dual bladed dagger is an exotic weapon. Its two blades are mounted together with a central hilt allowing the user to spin the blades for more effective damage. The Iridal Double Sided Dagger functions like a regular dagger, although weighted different. It’s true purpose is a swift secondary strike after a vital hit. On any confirmed True Critical Strike (20 on a die) the user of the double sided dagger may immediately roll a second attack with disadvantage using the other side of the dagger.

Iklwa: A short Avarian thrusting weapon, so called because of the sucking sound it makes as it is withdrawn from the body. The Iklwa is a melee spear like weapon that is 30" is over all length. The blade is 14 inches long and can be used for piercing and slashing attacks. The wood handle is 16 inches long and ends in a rounded cap that allows it’s user to rip the Iklwa out of it’s victim without loosing grip on it. The Iklwa is an exotic weapon.

Weapon Cost DMG (S) DMG (M) Critical Range Weight Type Special
Iridal Double Dagger 15 gp 1d4/1d4 19-20/x2 2 lbs P/S Exotic
Iklwa 12 gp 1d8 19-20/x3 5 lb. P/S Exotic

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Weapons and Armor

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