The Gods

The First: Before anything there was but three beings- Anselm, Aditi and Marduk. From them the planes of existence were created as well as the molten rock they called Nalmorah. The three decided to make the Gods and watch them form this world or destroy it. Anslem is the keeper of the Positive Energies, Aditi is the Keeper of Negative Energies and Marduk is the Arcane itself. After the creation of Nalmorah Anslem and Aditi spent much of their time toying with their children instead of on the world itself. Marduk took a more interactive role. He infused the world with magic and created the first mortal creatures- Dragons.

The Three:

Salah: Son of Anselm and Aditi; Salah is the God of Battle Valor. Alignment: Lawful Good. Domain: War. Favored Weapon: Greatsword. Salah was born with his siblings Anath and Belial and has been odds with them, Belial in particular ever since. A ferocious battle between Salah and Belial spilled onto Nalmorah making the whole world shake, Not wanting to see either of her brother’s killed Anath smashed down both their weapons with her mace saving them both from a killing blow and shattering the land masses into the continents they are now.

Belial: Son of Anselm and Aditi; Belial is the God of Tyranny and Power. Alignment: Lawful Evil. Domain: War Favored Weapon: Flail. Belial; called The Beast by even the Gods themselves; is cruelty in incarnate. He uses the laws set by mortals and his father to make all obedient to him and no other. Belial shows no mercy to anyone except his sister Anath and even that has limitations.

Anath: Daughter of Anselm and Aditi; Anath is the Goddess of Balance and Protection. Alignment: Lawful Neutral . Domain: Knowledge Favored Weapon: Flail and Longsword. Anath holds the burden of counter acting the deeds of her brothers without causing a shift in the equation. She does this with grace, foresight and caring. Anath has taken the punishment of her and their mistakes to protect her brothers as well as the other Gods and mortals of Nalmorah.

The Others:

Created after “The Three” these deities are nearly as powerful and did much to shape Nalmorah during it’s early stages.

Dracdumgar the Forger: Alignment:Lawful Good . Domain: Nobility Favored Weapon: War Hammer. Created first after The Three, Dracdumgar quickly set to work forging some of the first beings on Nalmorah. When he arrived on the world he was enthralled by earth and stone of Nalmorah itself. He decided to create beings that would share his wander of rocks and the underground. Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings all have Dracdumgar to thank for their existence.

Taranis: Alignment: Chaotic Good. Domain: Light Favored Weapon: Longsword. Like Dracdumgar, Taranis was created shortly after The Three, but instead she did not go right to Nalmorah. She spent her time learning more of what she and her fellow counterparts were capable of doing. Eons went by before she even stepped foot on the soil of the world. When she looked around her she saw the beauty of nature- the skies, the seas, the forests. All perfect art. Taranis wanted domain over all this but it was already under the watchful eye of Odhran. Much of what she loved he created and had no desire to give it up. Instead of fighting this lesser creation on who ruled over what Taranis decided she would create the Elves, a people that would appreciate nature and art as she does. Like their Goddess they would seek knowledge, be patient and free spirited.

Auberon:Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Domain: Trickery Favored Weapon: Whip. When Auberon was created is a mystery. No high power claims responsibility for this mischievous being. Auberon appeared sometime when Dracdumgar and Taranis did. He bid his time before going to Nalmorah. He didn’t watch and learn but rather just slept and amused himself by putting his finger in the pie, so to speak, of the other God’s creations. Like Taranis, Auberon was fascinated by nature. Not for it’s beauty but for it’s brutality and it’s messiness. All the emotions one could have were played out in nature. This amused Auberon so he decided to create creatures that would exacerbate these facets of nature all for his personal amusement and pleasure. Auberon’s sphere of influence is rare emotion and lapse of all good judgement.

Intermediate Deities:

These Deities were created by the Parents of the Creator Deities and the Deities themselves to serve the needs of special interests.

Zahara: Alignment: Neutral Good . Domain: Life Favored Weapon: Mace. One of the children of Anath, Zahara is the Goddess of Life and Good. She works with her twin brother Aingeru to ensure the life cycle of the mortals. Zahara is truth and kindness. Among all the Gods she is the most merciful, even the undead creatures of Aingeru her faithful swear to fight is not hated b yZahara. She pities the poor twisted souls. If there was a way to save them Zahara’s light would have found it.Zahara has never raised her voice, even in the presence of Beliel or her brother. She a calming spirit. Like their goddess the faithful of Zahara try to do no harm, be kind, protect the innocent and be truthful.

Aingeru: Alignment:Neutral Evil. Domain: Death Favored Weapon: War Pick. Zahara’s twin brother, Aingeru is the other half of the coin of life. Zahara creates life and guides it with her light while Aingeru steals it away in the darkness and despair. Amongst all the Gods Aingeru is the one all pray to at some point in their lives. Quite whispers bare his name as mortals plead for their lives. At funerals offerings are given to him so fallen loved owns souls can be ushered to a more peaceful afterlife. He is the most feared and most called upon God.

Odhran: Alignment: Neutral . Domain: Nature Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff . Before Odhran stepped foot on Nalmorah it was a hot and dry place without air. Not suited for any life. Odhran created nature- The trees, the sky, the sea and the mountains. He took his time forming these places, making them perfect. Then after a rest Odhran started creating beasts. Not creatures in his own image but ones that will add to the natural cycle he had so carefully crafted. After another rest Odhran released a great breath of air into the skies of Nalmorah and clouds began to form, rains fell and lighting struck.

Lesser Deities:

These beings have very small spheres of influence, some are children of the Gods and others are their creations.

Maia: Alignment: Neutral. Domain: Magic Favored Weapon: Spear. The creater Marduk realized that he had little patience for the countless creatures created by his children. They all discovered the arcane at some point or another and they all prayed to him for more knowledge and power. Annoyed Marduk whispered into Auberon’s ear that if he took Taranis they would have a powerful child. Unable to pass it up Auberon did just that and so Maia was born. Marduk bestowed on her much power and allowed her to deal with the mortals. Maia heeds the prayers of wizards and witches. She creates new spells and keeps the magic flow moving.

Borislav: Alignment: Chaotic Evil. Domain: Tempest Favored Weapon: Duel welded Battleaxes. The unfortunate offspring of Belial and Anath, Borislav is the creation of necessity and hatred. War was not always honorable and proud, it was often chaotic and repugnant- That is Borislav. Anath tried her best with the child but her hated him for him was not easily masked. Even his own father, disgusted by his own actions, kept the child at bay. Borislav grew angry and began to feed on their contempt. Borislav decided he would breath life into creatures that embodied rage, destruction and chaos. Goblins, kobalds and other nasty beasts are all his creations.

Odo: Alignment: Chaotic Neutral . Domain: Trickery Favored Weapon: Dagger. Auberon thought the world was too boring without only he creating mischief so he convinced Salah to help him create Odo and give him domain over fortune. Of course Auberon left out the detail he meant both destiny and monetary. Odo is the God you pray to while rolling the dice and your parents gave offerings to when you were born. Odo is the twang of each mortal’s life string. With a pluck one can be granted all the riches or be destined to fall down a well at age five. Thieves pray to Odo the most. They pray their target isn’t meant to keep that piece of gold.

Viatrix: Alignment: Neutral . Domain: Shaman Favored Weapon: Javelin. Created by Anath and Auberon Viatrix is the balance of Odo- She is free will. Viatrix is the open road and free heart. Naturally the prayers Merchants and any soul who traveled often started catching the ear of Viatrix. She protects those who travel and gives courage to those who seek freedom.

Khalid: Aditi and Marduk knew there was a dark side to magic. They started hearing the chants of mortals trying to call this secret power. Maia found the practices abhorrent and ignored their prayers so Aditi and Marduk created Khalid. She would rule over the darker magics and dark secrets of Nalmorah.

Aveline: Alignment: Neutral . Domain: Tempest Favored Weapon: Longbow. She is Odhran’s wrath, Aveline watches the mortals of Nalmorah. She sees how they treate his creations. If she feels they take too much then they are punished. Aveline controls the seasons, only she tells the Feys known as Stagioni to change positions and therefore the seasons. If she is angry the winter may last longer or the spring maybe dry.

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The Gods

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