Slave Background

Slave: The Svelti of Zetland, Elves of Lor’Leian and Eri of the Kingdom of Erium all allow the ownership of people. The Elves of Lor’Leian only enslave non-elves and mandate the same of Erium. In Zetland anyone is fare game, if you’re captured in battle, owe a great debt or commit certain crimes your freedom is forfeit. As a slave your life has been one of hard labor and little joy but the bonds that claim your body may have never claimed your spirit . You are well acquainted with suffering and hardship so you are more than ready for whatever travails your new profession can bring.

Skill Proficiency: Wisdom (Insight), Wisdom (Survival)
Languages: Pick the language of your capturers, you speak their language.
Tool Proficiencies: Artisan’s tool-set (Pick one that reflects your life as a slave.)
Equipment: Common clothes, Quarterstaff, Backpack.

Where you were enslaved: d4

Roll Result
1 Zetland: Language known: Svelti
2 Erium: Language known: Eri. (Elven characters re-roll)
3 Lor’Leian: Language known: Elven (Elven Characters re-roll)
4 Outlander: Language Known: Talk to DM

Status: d6

Roll Result
1 You were legally freed & carry a scroll with this information
2 Your owner died & freed your with their dying breath but you have no proof
3-4 You fled from your owner & are now a wanted person
5 You are still owned & have been loaned out to the party
6 DM’s desecration: You are owned by another player or have been considered to have rolled 5


Marked: You are marked with a brand that denotes you are/were property. Hard labor does not worry you in the least. You bear any burden of hardship with silent stoicism. Other slaves will provide you reliable information on the nearby area and the locations of safe hiding places, sources of food and water and how to avoid the local authorities.

Suggested Characteristics

Former slaves tend to be uncomfortable around authority figures for fear that they will be dragged back to their former lives. Loyal to their friends without fail and more comfortable when unnoticed, slaves prefer to speak little of their former status and past unless pressed.

Personality: d8

Roll Result
1 I don’t make eye-contact with anyone of higher social standing than you. I am shy.
2 I was very sheltered by my owner and thus are painfully naïve about many basic things in life. I am simple.
3 I only speak when spoken to. I am submissive.
4 I will make anyone of the race/people/family of my owner suffer whenever I can. I am vengeful.
5 My owner is incredibly nice to you, treating you almost as if you are family. You hold yourself high & are not easily identified as a slave for even your mark is small & not in a easily visible location.
6 I have lost my family, my people and my purpose. I am burdened with grief.
7 I am slow to trust and will die before I are ever let anyone be put in bondage again.
8 I seek power over others. I wish to be feared and respected.

Ideal: d6

Roll Result
1 Freedom: I will live life to the fullest now after experiencing nothing but hunger and want. (Chaos)
2 Wrath: I am without pity or empathy. I have been made numb to suffering. (Evil)
3 Sympathetic: I cannot bear to witness the suffering of innocents. (Good)
4 Jaded: The world is a hard, unfeeling place. Only the strong or the lucky survive. (Neutral)
5 Justice: Slavery is a grievous injustice that I will not tolerate. (Lawful)
6 Family: There is no bond greater than blood. (Any)

Bond: d6

Roll Result
1 I have a family somewhere that is still enslaved.
2 If I can only collect enough gold, I’ll be able to pay off my debts and be a free man (woman). Re-roll if already free
3 I yearn for my homeland but can never return.
4 I am forever indebted to the person that freed me and hope to repay that someday.
5 I’ve lost my entire family and am just looking for a place I belong.
6 My independence is the most important thing in my world.

Flaw: d6

Roll Result
1 I am filled with hatred for the race/people that enslaved me, to a violent extreme.
2 I’m hopelessly addicted to alcohol and seek it out on a daily basis.
3 I tend to trust no one in authority.
4 I am without empathy for others that are suffering.
5 There are times when I forget what I’m supposed to be doing and will wander off.
6 I’m selfish. After going without for so long, I want everything I can get.

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Slave Background

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