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Spectres of Amar Pass

Eruim is a kingdom in Lor’Elvenor during the Aldemeil Age. It’s boarder rest north west of Lor’Leian, the kingdom of the Elves. The players will make characters from this realm using the Pathfinder Rule Book and this campaign guide.

Campaign Rules:

Races: New races playable in the Nalmorah Campaign World.

Languages: Regional Languages in Nalmorah and rules on literacy.

Tools of the Trade: Campaign Weapons, Armor, Animals, etc.

The Gods: The Gods that rule the lives of mortals on Nalmorah.

Iron Age: Rules on iron weapons.

Backgrounds: Additional character backgrounds for the campaign.

Lands around Amar Pass:

Kingdom of Erium: Human kingdom formed nearly five hundred years ago. It’s boarders consist of the Berraneil Forest.

Thakard: A kingdom across the mountains. Its lands cut into land by blood soaked blades.

Lands of the Iridal: These wandering people live in the no man’s land between Lor’Leian and Eruim.

Lor’Leian: The oldest realm on Lor’Elvenor this elven kingdom runs the entire east coast of the continent.

Zetland: North West of the Berraneil Forest is the small kingdom of Zetland.

Volstok: The islands far north are the lands of the Myrmidon Empire.

Wildlands: South of Thakard is the vast wildlands, no army has ever conquered these lands.

Main Page

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