The most populous of all the creatures in Lor’Elvenor are humans. In every kingdom, be it Dwarven Kingdom of Ungar or the Halfling lands of Anion there are at least some humans amongst
the native people. Below you will find descriptions of some of ethnic groups of Humanity on Lor’Elvenor.

Erium: The Erium have long been native to the Berraneil Forest and have lived along side Elves and Fey. They are a hardy folk that live off the land, trying to only take what they need and little more. For the most part they live in small communities dotting the forest with the exception of Dargarth- It’s sprawling capitol city.

The Erium are typically tall in stature and lean in build. Their hair is often fair in colour and kept long. Eye colour of most Eruim is light- blue, greens, grays and even some light shades of purple. They dress in simple clothing, often some type of animal hide or woven hemp in shades of green, brown and gray. They adore themselves with intricately craved wooden trinkets and jewelry.

Erium are known for their well crafted bows, it is said their fetchers are nearly as good as the elves. Another prized item when traveling through Eruim is any of their leather works and furs. The bounty of Berraneil forest is great and the Eruim people have learned to use it to their advantage.

Leian: The Leians are the humans who live within the elven kingdom of Lor’Leian. Their native tongue is Elvish, spoken almost as flawlessly as any High Born Elf. They even slightly resemble elves with their tall heights and soft features. They have no kingdom of their own and are very content to live as elves live. They are found mostly in Lor’Leian and some have taken residence in Eruim.

Leian people are very tall and lean in build. They have long faces with soft yet structured features. Some often have slightly pointed ears and are easily mistaken as half elves. Their hair is often dark- browns, black and dark blonde. They have eyes that run the gamete of green from emerald to hunter and the occasional hazel.

Above all else Leians are known for their incredible tracking skills. Many of them serve as guides through Lor’Leian for most non residences would quickly get lost in the dense forests moving from one town to the next.

Iridal: The Iridal are nation-less wanderers. They are said to hail from across cross the mist seas from the desert kingdom of Talisis. It’s also been said they come from the frozen isles of Norgarth. Other tales have them coming from some distant land that not even the best sailors of Lor’Elvenor have charted. The Iridal are sick of wandering and have set their sites on the rich woods of Eruim.

Iridals are short in stature compared to the Eruim and Leian peoples. They have olive toned skin, dark hair- often brown or black, and striking eye hues. Even the palest Iridal can be noticed by their orange, yellow or crimson coloured eyes. They often ware bright, loose fighting clothing made of light materials. The women and men often adorn themselves with bright flashy jewelry.

Iridals don’t have a craft but they do have trade- anything of monetary value. The Iridals are merchants at heart. They travel from place to place selling other people’s wares. This nomadic life has made them very reliant on each other and the Iridal are a very tight community. The best trader is always the leader of the caravan and everyone else in the “family” must pay tribute to them.

Thrakans: The Thrakans are a people of duality- Grit and Piety. Their patron Goddess is Zehra, the Curador, and yet they are conquerors. The ever expanding lands of Thrakad are taken by brute force. Their warriors wade through opposing armies without mercy and siege strongholds into starvation without batting an eye. When they subdue their foes the Thrakan priests heal all the injured and sick. Once you are under the rule of Thrakad you will be ever protected and treated with grace and mercy.

Like the Svelti and Iridal, the Thrakans stand shorter then the Erium and Leian. They typically have slightly darker skin tones, hair colour ranging from dark brown to redish blonde. Their eye colour is often hazel, green or light brown. Thrakan families have their own colour scheme and symbol. They display these colours on their left arms, proudly so all can see.

Thrakans are known for Apothecaries and Alchemists. If there is an antidote for something you’ll find it in Thrakad. The Grunwald Forest within their lands is filled with all types of remedies if you can survive the monsters and spirits that lurk in it’s depths. The Gnomish art of Alchemy is a skill the Thrakad people have accepted with open arms. Alchemy, like Thrakans themselves can be destructive or merciful.

Svelti: The Svelti come from Zetland, they are a rough and tumble bunch. Zetland lays northwest of Eruim. Their lands consist of rocky plains and dense forest plagued with swamps. The Svelti eek their living as yak herders, foresters and monster slayers.

Svelti people resemble Myrmidons, be it a bit shorter. They have red, blonde and light brown hair with piercing blue and green eyes. Dress for a Svelti is always utilitarian and seasonal. Winters are harsh and damp, and summers are humid and short lived.

Zetland is not much of a tourist destination, so if you are going there you have a very precise purpose- metal smiths. Svelti have many skilled smiths amongst their kind, even Elves prize the work of their whitesmith’s silver work.

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