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Erium is at War!

“Battle not with monsters lest you become one.” – Commander Yvette Hayes

It is the Aldemeil Age, as the Elves of Lor’Leian say, and life in the kingdom of Erium is not easy. The very lands the kingdom rest on were bestowed to the people by the Elves. They had but one price for the thousands of acres- protect and preserve the natural wonder of the Berraniel Forest. Should the people of Erium violate this seemingly simple task their lands are forfeit.

Five hundred years later Erium fights a war on two fronts, the Iridal to the south covert the lush forests and the Thakards simply want rule of territory that is not a rocky wasteland or plagued with haunted green woods. For now they’ve kept them at bay but that will only last so long. Their men at battle has put its toll on the harvest. This last winter was the thinnest yet. Something must give on one side or another. They need to breath for even just a moment.

‘The Spectres of Amar Pass’ is a campaign set long ago in the history of Nalmorah on the continent of Lor’Elvenor. It is set during a time in which humanity is finally standing on it’s own two feet- building kingdoms, gaining knowledge and finally forging decent steel. The characters will find themselves thrust onto the front lines of a land dispute that has already been very bloody. Their bravery or cowardice could cost Eruim dearly or help the realm prevail. No matter what happens their names will live on in songs of bards and the books of scholars.

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