Envoy Background

Envoy: Even in a fantasy world filled with bloody conflict, nothing gets done without skilled negotiators. You where a nobles herald, an orders spokesperson, a Diplomat in foreign lands, a negotiator for a trade cartel or the wry scoundrel, delivering the ransom notes and demands of a vile bandit lord.

Skills: Insight, Persuasion
Languages: two of your choice
Tools: One gaming set or one musical instrument of your choice.
Equipment: Set of fine clothes, letters of introduction from your patron, wrapped and sealed package you are to deliver in your patrons name (the content is worth at least 250gp), pouch containing 20gp.

Feature: Diplomatic Impunity:

Your confidence, poise and cool gives all but the most bloodthirsty killers pause. When faced with intelligent and relatable opposition, you can always attempt to negotiate and will be given the time to say what you have.

In addition you have a patron, who will attempt to shield you from legal trouble as long as you stay useful.

Suggested Characteristics:

Personality Traits: 1d8

Roll Result
1 I am seductive and consider it another tool of my trade.
2 Even the most insignificant interaction is an opportunity to trade for me.
3 I use flattery in all conversations and compliment everyone I meet. Even my worst enemy
4 I am proud of my cultivation and often talk of fine art and cuisine.
5 My cosmopolitanism is plain for all to see, as my fashion is a mix drawn from many cultures.
6 I am curious about things most consider insignificant and ordinary.
6 I strive to teach my companions social graces and etiquette on every opportunity I get.
8 I express everything with great gravitas.

Ideals: 1d6

Roll Result
1 Peace. Violence is a last resort and parlay is sacred. I go into battle only with great sorrow and go to great length to prevent it.
2 Civilization. Cultivation and progress are the greatest values and barbarism is despicable. I put great stock in proper manners and process. The pleasantries of advanced settlements are well deserved.
3 Tolerance. To each his own. All lifestyles and cultures are valuable. Respect that and don’t interfere unduly.
4 Fairness. Contracts kept and all necessary information shared for a deal to hold value. This is the basis of all interaction and to not respect it is a grave transgression.
5 Prestige. Everything I do is targeted at increasing and showing my standing. It is all one can depend on.
6 Cleverness. Life is a battle of wits and the smartest take the prize. Cheating, lying and other underhanded means are just more tools for the deserving to use.

Bonds: 1d6

Roll Result
1 My greatest dream is to end a certain conflict that has been sweltering for ages.
2 My patron brought me from rags to riches, I owe them everything.
3 I gave up my most precious possession to secure a deal. I still seek for away to regain it.
4 Someone very close to me has been imprisoned or enslaved. It is my dream to see them legally released.
5 In my travels I have found true love, but the very same travels have put us far apart and estranged.
6 I have heard of a place that encompasses everything I hold in high regard, but I always seem to travel in the opposite direction.

Flaw: 1d6

Roll Result
1 I always want to please everyone and always compromise.
2 I am to hard a negotiator. I reject even the most reasonable offers, as long as I think I can get more.
3 I have come to value the fine things in life a bit to much. A lavish feast, valuable gift or fine body to warm my bed can easily compromise my position.
4 I once negotiated an incredible deal that left a third party in the dirt. Now they want my head on a pike.
5 I am haughty and arrogant. When I don’t want something from someone, I ignore them.
6 When I deal with my Patron, I have no backbone. I approve of their every idea, no matter how heinous or stupid.

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Envoy Background

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