“Terror and doubt are the children of war, breed these faults into your enemies and they will fall as their courage falters and yours surges.”- Prayer Words of a commander before battle.

Names: Belial, The Beast, Lord of Brutality, God of Bloodlust and Slaughter personified. Followers: Followers of Belial are violent War Lords, blood thirsty Knights and those who look to force their strength and will on the weak. Sphere of Influence: Destruction (Catastrophe and Rage), Evil (Devil), Glory (Honor), Law (Devil and Inevitable), Strength (Ferocity), and War 9Blood and Tactics) Symbol: Barbed wire twisted around a spiked gauntlet Alignment of Clergy: LE, LN and on occasion NE. Favored Weapon: Great Axe.

Belial, known as The Beast, is a cruel master who twisted the words of the one true god, seducing them with power and strength. Faithful of Beliel believe in the dogma of survival of the fittest, the weak are ruled by the strong and power gained by brute force. A vicious War Lord in the heavens his worshipers on Nalmorah follow Belial’s footsteps of tyranny, slaughter and order through force and fear. Yet, despite his war mongering or perhaps because of it, Belial demands obidence and honor in battle. Those who cheapen the art of war in life find themselves in death trapped in Belial’s arena to be ripped to shreds by war machines for all eternity.

Belial’s church is strictly regimented military with an unwavering and often zealous religious outlook. Orders are obeyed without question and training that is borderline masochistic.

The Ordained:

Belial’s church is martial training mixed with your instructors screaming passages of Belial’s laws and lessons at the priests and clerics in training as they work out, fight, run and eat. Prospective students of Belial; majority first born children of Clerics and Priests of Belial or Warlords and a small percentage of children of conquered who show great strength; start training at the age 6. They are stripped of all identity, all being called probationer followed by a number. Those who are strength raise higher in the number ranks within the class for the number that your assigned is your value within the group. Do not be mistaken, the leader of the probationers learns quickly he is nothing without the other probationers following his commands. The teachers will order the whole to rebel against his control and if he cannot reign them in with strength or will he will be demoted. Those who follow below the top numbers learn that their obedience is rewarded and required for the greater wishes of Beliel to be served.

This power struggle for the top will continue until the probationers reach the page of 13 when the enter seminary school. The probationers, now called apprentices followed by their surnames are reordered. They are taught to use their mind not just their strength against the opponents. Martial Training continues, along with religious studies and strategy games such as chess. Upon completion of Seminary School the apprentices become full Clerics and are either assigned to churches or keeps or go on to continue further training.

Church of Belial Hierarchy:
Position Number in Church Role in Church
Grand Master One Leader of the Church of Belial and head disciplinarian
Seneschal One Direct subordinate to the Grand Master and trusted advisor
Master of Order Eight Leaders of the Church of Belial in set regions
Komtur Sixteen Direct subordinates of the Master of Order in a region, Two for every Master of Order
Lord Master Eighty Direct subordinate of the Komtur
Martinet Hundreds One for every 4 Autocrats
Autocrat Hundreds One for every 200 subordinate Initiates
Initiate Thousands Lowest position in the Church of Belial

Holy Orders:

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