“The fields are full, the orchards blooming, and the harvest has arrived. Hail to the goddess who watches over the land! Hail to Aveline, goddess of the wheat! Hail Aveline, fleet of foot! Hail Aveline, and fruitful apples! Hail Aveline, who dies and is reborn! Hail Aveline, bringing the dark of the year! Hail Aveline, who fills the goblets with wine! We honor you, in this time of harvest, and set our tables with your bounty.” – Prayer praising Aveline during the Harvest Festival in Rathreigh

Names: Aveline of the Forests, The Huntress, Aveline the Bountiful, First Light and Winter Thaw. Followers: Farmers, Hunters and anyone who makes their living from the bounty or famine of nature. Due to Aveline’s influence over Spring and Renewal she is also seen as the demiurge of fertility. Sphere of Influence: Animal (Feather & Fur), Community (Family), Plant (Growth) and Weather (Storms) Symbol: Branches of Cherry Blossoms intertwined with an arrow Alignment of Clergy: Neutral Good and Chaotic Good. Favored Weapon: Longbow.

Without her guidance the snows will not melt as fast, the animals will not come out of hibernation and the storms will not give rain to the fields.

In truth Aveline does not cause of the seasons but rather she influences The Stagioni, four powerful fey creatures, one for each season. Aveline chooses when they change positions and when the Stagioni changes positions the seasons change. Without her guidance the snows will not melt as fast, the animals will not come out of hibernation and the storms will not give rain to the fields.

If she is angry the Winter may last longer, the Spring maybe dry and the Summer overly hot. By the time Fall comes the crops are ruined, wells dry and the long road to the next Winter will be for funeral marches. Aveline’s tie to Spring is that it is during the Spring when she returns from her Winter jaunt in the world of mortals. During her absence the Druids, which make up the majority of her clergy, hang multi coloured banners on so called “Trees of Aveline” in communities and in sacred places to remind Aveline of the role she plays in all lives. Traditionally Trees of Aveline are Cherry Trees but often any old and grand tree can serve as this important symbol.

Aveline’s time in the mortal realm allows her to check on the state of the flora and fauna she protects. Woe to the people who over hunt or cut too deeply into the forest. Aveline has no tolerance for taking more then one needs. Displeased, Aveline has many things at her disposal to punish those she deems wicked. At first there maybe a few years of bad harvest or strong storms on her return in Spring. If the poaching continues she may take most drastic measures, repentance however, is quickly rewarded. Aveline wishes no creature ill will and is quicker to forgive then she is to come to anger. One of the most poignant images of Aveline is a painting of the Goddess depicting her in an embrace with a human hunter. Scattered around the two are a pile of furs and dead creatures, Aveline has stuck the hunter in the gut with a dagger yet she holds him like a mother morning the lost of a child. Tears roll down her cheeks as blood pours out of his wound.

The Druids that serve Aveline preach the natural cycle, hunting creatures during the proper seasons is encouraged and the cultivating the forest is fostered so long as both are done with respect. Aveline is a Huntress herself. When there is a population boom Aveline takes steps to keep it in check. When a forest chokes on it’s own density Aveline calls on the lighting of a Summer’s storm to spark the fire and burn new life into the area.

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