“Happy the man who keeps his heart pure from Guilt and crime! Him we avengers touch not; He treads the path of life secure from us. But woe! Woe! To him who has done the deed of secret murder. We, the fearful daughters of Night, fasten ourselves upon his whole being. Thinks he by flight to escape us? We fly still faster in pursuit, Twine our snakes around his feet, And bring him to the ground, Unwearied we pursue; No pity checks our courage; Still on and on, to the end of life We give him no peace nor rest.” – Passage on the Erinyes in the Holy book of Saint Anath

Names: Anath, The Hammer, Lady Justice, Judge of Paradise. Followers: Barristers, Judges, Town Guards, Bounty Hunters and anyone who keeps the peace or up holds the law. Followers of Anath are often very serious people for they believe that without order society will lost. Sphere of Influence: Community (Home), Destruction (Rage), Inquisition, Law (Archon and Inevitable), Protection (Defense and Purity) and Retribution. Symbol: A silver balance above A golden eagle clutching a war hammer in one talon and a long sword in the other. Alignment of Clergy: LN, LG, and on occasion LE. Favored Weapon: Flail and Longsword.

Anath is a powerful God indeed, she is in charge of dispensing judgement on all mortals of Nalmorah and even amongst the other Gods. No matter who small the mortal or mighty the God Anath will punish your misdeeds. Sister of Salah and Belial, Anath is the balance between them trying to calm the hatred they share for each other for it often causes more chaos then Anath likes.

Anath’s clergy are barristers, judges and peace keepers through all of Nalmorah. They punish the wicked and track down escaped criminals. First and foremost they believe without laws chaos would destroy all life. Whether the laws of the land be the rules of a Tyrant or Benevolent ruler it does not matter law comes first and they will uphold it. Cross it and you will cross them. If Anath’s Clergy believes the laws are unjust they will still uphold them until the laws can be changed by going through the proper channels.

The Ordained:

Anath’s faithful are the lawmakers, both civil and ecclesiastical. Priest and Clerics that act as the long arm of the law go through their martial training right out of seminary school and then spend 2 years learning both the laws of the land and the lay of the land. Trained in hunting, interrogation and combat these worshippers of Saint Anath bring justice to the criminals no matter where they hide. Other devotees of Anath go to law school to become barristers and judges. The laws of The Empire are created and upheld by these Priests and Clerics. Barrister training takes 4 years of training in addition to seminary school.

A special group devoted to Anath are known as the Dogs of Erinye are the mortal arms of the Erinyes, a trio of divine beings Anath created to punish the crimes that were extortionately inhumane such as rape and fratricide. The Dogs of Erinye receive their orders from the Erinyes through prayer and hunt down the miscreants one by one. In these cases the Dogs of Erinye are judge, jury and executioners. The punishments always fit the crime on scale and harshness. Many Dogs of Erinye earn coin as Bounty Hunters throughout the lands of Nalmorah.

Ordained clergy of Anath are expected to have staunch morality. They are expected to take no bids, be swayed by no personal bias and hold themselves in the most ethical levels even when no one is looking. They are allowed to marry and can own land and titles, although they make sure any such thing bestowed on them is due to their diligence and not to gain their favor.

Holy Orders:

Dogs of Erinye: Bounty Hunters of the most vile transgressors.

Order of The Repentance and Vindication: An Order of Canon Lawyers.

Jurist of Anath: Judges that hear the cases of the highest level in The Empire.

The Fulcrum: A group that ensure the balance is kept.

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